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Fundraising with Sweetlee's

Help your organization while also helping a small local business

We need support

Small businesses like Sweetlee’s are where memories are made. Growing up, there was always that local mom and pop restaurant everyone enjoyed going to. However, many of these places have gone out of business. Small businesses need community support.

We want to give back

We want to help our community by working together with local fundraisers. We give back a portion of our proceeds to the organizations that help us gain new customers. We have done some very successful fundraising events with local schools, sports clubs, and private organizations. Will yours be next?

Fundraising with Sweetlees ice cream truck
All ice cream desserts

Why do we offer fundraising opportunities?

We are proud of our delicious ice cream and would like as many people as possible to give it a try. We want to increase our customer base and help the community at the same time.


All our locations are available for fundraisers. However, the percentage of give-back may differ, so please contact us to discuss your plans.


We offer fundraising opportunities from October - May only.

How does it work?

  • Together we schedule the event date - Together we will pick a day and time during Sweetlee’s normal operating hours.

  • You advertise the event - We ask you to use social media, newsletters, flyers, posters, word of mouth, etc. to advertise the event. We can provide you with our logo and pictures of our ice cream or the truck. If you want, we can even supply you a digital flyer you can use. We do need to approve anything using our logo before it goes live!

  • Customers mention your organization - When placing an order during the event, customers need to mention your organization

  • We give back - We will give back a percentage of the sales generated from the referrals. We will write you a check for your share of the proceeds within a week after the event.

Handmade ice cream in a cone
Fundraising with Sweetlees

It's easy!



the 2-page fundraiser brochure

This is one of the easiest fundraisers out there. We appreciate your help spreading the word about our premium homemade ice cream. We hope to create a new place to make memories for years to come.



We reserve the right to decline any fundraiser request.

Contact us at

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