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  • WHERE can I find you?
    The Scoop Shop @ The Tumwater Craft District The largest selection of ice cream flavors and other delicious desserts and treats. Open 7 days a week from noon till 9 PM. 4242 Capitol Blvd SE, Tumwater, WA 98501 360-878-1795 The Pint Stop @ Steamboat Pick up a pre-packaged pint or ice cream sandwich. Open Tue, Thu, Sat and Sun from 3 to 7 PM (At the parking lot of Companion Cove) 6644 Sexton Dr NW, Olympia, WA 98502 360-995-2636 The Ice Cream Truck All our 'classics' and a number of seasonal flavors. 2411 Harrison Ave NW in Olympia, WA 98502 This location is currently closed for the season. However, we promise to come back as soon as the warmer weather returns. Check our SCHEDULE tab to see where you can find our Event Truck.
  • How about food ALLERGIES?
    Our menu items contain or come into contact with WHEAT, PEANUTS, TREE NUTS and DAIRY products. At least the following menu items contain nuts: - Chocolate cookie surprise ice cream - Assorted nuts toppings - Peanut butter cookies Food items with nuts are kept in separate containers, but are made and served in the same facilities.
  • What are your most popular FLAVORS?
    Although nationwide vanilla ice cream is the most popular store bought flavor, we have proof that Olympia loves something more creative. Our top three: 1. Salted Cookies & Cream 2. Chocolate Cookie Surprise 3. Banana Cream Pie
  • Are you going to rotate your FLAVORS?
    Part of the fun of making REAL HOME-MADE ICE CREAM is the ability to constantly look for new flavors. Our ice cream maker is constantly scouting local suppliers that wil enable him to create something new and wonderful. We aim to offer you a new flavor about once a month. Since our truck has only limited space, we will, of course, be forced to retire some flavors as well.
  • Do you have SHAKES?
    YES WE HAVE. Just pick your ingredients, and our staff will make a shake just for you!
  • Do you have anything DAIRY-FREE?
    We always offer at least one SORBET. Just as sweet as ice cream, but without the dairy!
  • Do you have anything VEGAN?
    Absolutely! Our dairy-free sorbets are vegan, and we are especially proud of our VEGAN MINT CHIP. It's made with a creamy oat base. Yum! Also, we only use pure cane sugar that has not been filtered through bone char.
  • Do you have GIFT CARDS?
    YES, WE DO! Celebrate the moments that matter with a Sweetlee's gift card: birthdays, milestones, or even just a show of appreciation. Gift cards can be purchased and redeemed at our ice cream truck.
  • What CREDIT CARDS do you take?
    We accept ALL major credit cards
  • Do you use CORN SYRUP?
    We are proud to only use pure cane sugar.
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