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ice cream

Sweetlee's ice cream cones

At Sweetlee's Ice Cream, we are passionate about creating delicious, handmade ice cream with flavors that are sure to bring a smile to your face. We are proud to use the freshest locally sourced ingredients, helping to support our local community while producing top quality treats.

Olympia - Tumwater - Steamboat - Lacey

4 Locations in Thurston County

Sweetlees stripes.png
Sweetlees stripes.png

The Scoop Shop in Tumwater


Find us at the Tumwater Craft District
Find us at the Tumwater Craft District

4242 Capitol Blvd SE, Tumwater

Imaginative flavors

At Sweetlee's we hand-make small batches of ice cream using the purest of ingredients and collaborate with local businesses to showcase the best products in the Olympia area.

We always scoop our classics, like Salted Cookies & Cream, 2X Vanilla Bean, Mint Chip and Lemon Jam Crumble. But let us surprise you with our ever changing seasonal flavors.

Imaginative flavors of handmade ice cream
Sweetlee's Ice cream truck

Two Ice Cream Trucks

You can find us every day at 2411 Harrison Ave NW in Olympia (next to the Taco Truck). All our classic flavors are available and we scoop limited seasonal and special flavors all through the year.

Our Event Truck is available for your private parties and celebrations. When not booked, you will find us at the Lacey Food Truck Depot.

The Pint Stop

Visit us at the PINT STOP at Steamboat @ Companion Cove where you can pick up pre-packaged pints, cups and ice cream sandwiches.

Pick up a cup or pint of delicious ice cream at The Pint Stop
OPENING SOON: Sweetlee's at the Tumwater Craft District

The Scoop Shop

NOW OPEN: our very first Scoop Shop. Here, we serve the largest selection of flavors! You will find us inside the new Tumwater Craft District which is located in the shadow of the old Olympia Brewing Company facility in Tumwater.

Tumwater Craft Districs.png

Who we are

It’s the little choices about the big things that bring out the best in our sweet treats!

A small family owned local business

Family Owned

We are a small family-owned business that has been serving up everyone's favorite frozen treat since 2021. We take pride in creating the freshest and most delicious ice cream. Whether you're looking for a classic scoop or something a bit more unique, Sweetlee's is the perfect place to satisfy your sweet tooth. Come by and say hello.

The best ingredients the PNW has to offer

Local Ingredients

We know the tastiest ice cream is made from the best ingredients. Our super delicious delights are made with the most vibrant and freshest ingredients we get from small local farms and businesses.

Small businesses..... they are what makes this community special!

Handmade small-batch ice cream


Have you ever tasted handmade ice cream that is made with care and attention to detail? Hold onto your spoons because Sweetlee's Ice Cream brings classic favorites and new creations to a whole other level of deliciousness.

Sweetlee's is all about community support


Our community giving program is focused on celebrating our local community and its members. We have a special focus on the people that live, work, and play near our locations. Contact us to discuss fundraising opportunities for your school or club.

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